Git Commit -- as Commit Editor Fails


I’m using on a Windows7 box. I’ve got it tied to git via
git config --global core.editor "atom --wait"
per recommendation from this blog entry – scroll down to Commit Editor

Normally I’m working on my documents (generally html / CSS and JavaScript, Lots of JavaScript) in I’m updating files, adding a few, etc… I can see the git status color codes on the file names, and they are working great. So its time for a commit.

On my git bash command line interpreter (in a separate window) I git status, git add . , git commit. Immediately upon hitting the enter key in bash, I immediately see a new file popup in my already open atom system, with the same view as that blog entry shows. Way cool. I update the commit message, and from that point on, it all goes south. If I save the edit in atom, I immediate see the following message in the bash window:

$ git commit
Aborting commit due to empty commit message.  

Ouch. The only way I can make this work is to save all my work, shut down Atom in total, then do the bash CLI $ git commit When I do that atom opens up normally with a single file git commit message file in there. Now when I update and save the git commit message, I get a success confirmation on the bash CLI tool The really stinky thing is, when I go back to Atom, all the directories previously listed on the left hand margin are now gone… I have to manually “Add project folders” back again. Sigh… I was really hoping for an integrated tool here.

So my question… am I doing this wrong? Many thanks!

edit: I do see others with same issue, Is best work around (to not kill my coding momentum) to use a different editor for git commits ? What does everybody else do?


I’m back to using vi and Git GUI for now. :disappointed:


Did you try git-plus?

That’s what I’m using at the moment…