Git commit aborts due to empty commit message

I am new to Atom. When I run git commit in bash I get the following message even before Atom opens:
$ git commit
hint: Waiting for your editor to close the file…
Aborting commit due to empty commit message.

My config file core.editor is set to Atom --wait and I have tried various versions of setting core.editor including the entire path of Atom. None changes the git commit outcome.

Try the following:


The reason is that when you commit something is mandatory to set a description that tell other people (or yourself in the future) what that commit contains.

Thank you for your reply, but that’s not really helpful. I am starting to use Git myself, and I am having the same issue with the atom text editor. If you just use the “-m” option, you can write a concise message inline but that defeats the purpose of using Git (which is to clearly describe the changes you are making to each commit).