Git and Github Integration - Not seeing diffs



I’m trying the new core Git and Github integration. In the Git panel I can see changed files. Clicking on them I don’t see tab with the diffs like the screens shots I’ve seen. Nor do they appear to be available from the context menu.

I’m using Atom Beta 1.19.0-beta0 x64 on Windows 10.

Anybody else encountered this?


I just installed the 1.18.0-beta0 on Windows 10 VM yesterday and it worked ok for me. But I had only quickly tried with a new project - do you not see diffs in any project?


So far no on two different projects. Not even an empty tab. I’ll try creating a dummy one from scratch.


Can confirm it’s the same with a new project.


Hmmm, that’s odd - do you have the same issue in safe mode (atom --safe)?

Also, would you be able to share a GIF or screencast that shows what you’re seeing?


Interesting @rsese it worked in mode on a new project. Seemingly froze on an overly large file in an existing project.

But safe mode is the first time I’ve seen it working.

So a conflict with an installed package?


Ahhh yeah, if it works in safe mode, then it’s likely that a community package is causing the issue - you can disable all installed packages and then enable them 1 by 1 to track things down. If you have a lot of packages, some folks suggest using to help narrow things down.


@rsese Ahhh unfortunately I do have quite a few packages with dependencies so will have to investigate further when I get some time. Thanks.


Sounds good, let us know how it goes @edwin-itrs :bow: