Gist It: Post GitHub Gists from Atom


I’m really impressed with the API for Atom, so I threw together a package to get acquainted with it. The package is called Gist It and it lets you post the current editor’s contents to GitHub Gist. It supports everything you’d want like posting privately, or posting to your own account.

Add it with apm install gist-it

Kinetic: upload your files to remote sources!

Nice job, I love it!

Can you consider an option to edit the gist filename? I frequently open a new tab as a scratchpad where I paste/edit only relevant parts of my code, and since I don’t want to save that file on my desk, the gist filename will be ‘untitled’.


Allowing users to set a file’s name might actually be a good idea. I also want to support a few other use cases:

  • Gisting all open buffers in the window
  • Gisting a selection
  • Probably some other stuff (suggestions are welcome_


This is great work. I’ve installed it and I will certainly use it.

It would be nice to have a way to send many files to the gist instead of just one. Perhaps by selecting many files in the tree view and sending them to a gist either by using a context menu option or a command from the command palette? The tree view doesn’t currently support selecting many files, but I’ve submitted an issue about that.


I definitely agree with that sentiment, in fact it’s probably my main priority for the next release of this package. The way I’m thinking I’ll implement it initially is just to gist all open buffers. That way you can select all the files you want to upload by opening them in buffers, and then hit some keyboard shortcut (probably ⇧⌥⌘G) to add them all to the same gist.


Heads up everyone, Gist It v0.3 is out now with a few new features:

  • You can now gist just part of your file by selecting it and running the Gist Selection command
  • If you need to gist more than one file, you can open them all in buffers and use the Gist Open Buffers command.
  • The code has been extensively refactored so I can more easily add new features in the future.


I just tried this plug in, first it’s awesome but I have to ask a question. How do you make sure the gists are attached to your account? I tried a private gist and it came up anonymous… thoughts?


Check the README


that worked. I should have checked there first, thank you again.


Genuinely impressed! This is going to save me so much time! Thanks


What about updating gists? They’re technically a git repo and you can push new revisions to them (though it’s a bit of a pain to set up).


I’ve just pushed Gist It v0.5.0 up to apm, and it now finally supports GitHub Enterprise accounts. Big thanks to scheeser for getting that working.


Nice. Wish support for updating existing gist. The other gist package in the package repo is flaky at best. This package worked seamlessly.