Gif in README doesn't work on Atom packages page


My package atom-build has a gif displaying its usage. However - it doesn’t work on the atom packages page. It works fine on the github page though.

I’m not familiar with the camouflage techniques used but it seems as there is an additional slash in the URL rendered from the packages page, e.g. (just at the beginning, after there is // rather than /). removing one of those slashes appear to give the GIF as expected.

Any idea how to continue troubleshoot this? The Markdown file it’s rendered from actually has a link that is



I noticed this recently on my package page also:


@thedaniel Can you help?


I’ll file a bug for this on the site.


In the meantime, if you update the readme to use an image link that’s already hosted on https your problem will likely go away. You could, for example, drag and drop an image into a textarea somewhere on to upload it to our cdn, and use the markdown that’s generated there.


Shameless plug: Check out the auto-host-markdown-image package. You can drag an image into a markdown tab and it hosts the image for free on imgur and puts in the markdown code. Everything is fast and the image even appears immediately in the markdown preview. You can be sure it will work anywhere the markdown is rendered.


Cool thanks. It appears to work fine!