Giant fonts in settings since Atom 0.188


Hello, I’ve been using this snippet in my styles.less to make UI fonts a little bit bigger (grabbed it from somewhere around here):

atom-text-editor::shadow .comment {
  font-style: normal;

@font-size: 13px;
html, body, .tree-view, .tab-bar .tab {
  font-size: @font-size;

Since upgrade to Atom 0.188.0 the text displayed in Settings have become much larger:

Atom 0.187.0:

Atom 0.188.0:

I’ve firgured out that by removing html and body from this style reduces the fonts back to default, but it’s still too small for me. Does anybody know what needs to be updated here to fix that?


A lot of typography in Atom has been changed to use rem values instead of hardcoded pixels. This way the text (and depending on the theme, many other ui elements) scales proportionally to the font-size of the html element.

You can now change the html, body font-size and have pretty much everything scale.

If you want to change the ratio for how certain text scales, you have to target those elements specifically:

.settings-view {
  .settings-panel label,
  .package-readme {
    font-size: 1rem;

You can change the 1rem to something larger if you like of course.


I think the settings view used to have a hard coded value of 12px for most things. If you don’t want to let themes set the font size, you might can change it back by using that.