Gherkin package doesn't work correctly



I posted this question also on StackOverflow today but I think here is the better place to ask.Of course I will add the answer and/or solution to my post if there is one. :wink:
What i encountered: the syntax coloring of the package language-gherkin-i18n doesn’t work as expected and shown in the example screenshot. Have I missed something or can someone confirm this phenomenon? How can this be fixed?



Are you expecting it to match the screenshot in the README of the package exactly? Are you using the recommended theme? How old is the screenshot? (The theme may have been changed since the screenshot was taken.)


Yes I’m using the recommended theme. I tried the standard language-gherkin and there the colors work exactly as shown in the preview. The i18n plugin is based on this one as stated in the readme, but I think based means copied and not based on the sources. I’m new to Atom and doesn’t know how a package is constructed and if I have the possibility to fix the plugin.


The issue is fixed now, the problem was the autodetection of the language with CRLF line ending files. It should work now.