GHDL: an almost off topic

Dear Community,
many thanks for the thriving discussions.

Please, do not mark this question as off topic right off the bat.
My question today relates to GHDL, the compiler/simulator for VHDL scripts.

I have noticed that there is a GHDL-interface package among ATOM’s available add-ons. Reading through the available documentation it appears that having GHDL installed is a prerequisite…

The documentation is a bit confusing about the installation (actually I got no clue…).
I have found this page for the releases:

I am using MacOs Mojave and I do not know if I can install these packages (and how to).

Please, if someone has any idea how to work this, reply to this post.
And let me know if the ATOM add-on is useful in this context.

Many thanks.
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I tried to play a bit more with it.
It turns out that everything needed was already inside the tar file…

If anyone had the same problem as me, it works fine on MacOs Mojave as well.

Now, only the point about the corresponding package for ATOM remains outstanding.
Please, let me know if you have any suggestions to improve everyone’s experience with VHDL on ATOM.

Many thanks.

GHDL is not a widely-known subject matter (relative to topics like Python, for instance) and you would have the best chance of finding someone knowledgeable by asking in a venue like the ghdl-interface package’s repository or in a forum frequented by people who use VHDL.