Getting typedef highlighted in C


Hey guys!

I’m using atom and i love it!! But i have some kind of OCD and when i code in C, i would like to have the struct name highlighted, as well as the typedef name.


typedef struct node {
int a;
} test;

I would like to have both node and test highlighted, and now, whenever i use the “variable” test, i would like to have it highlighted.

How can i have this ?

All help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!



Atom doesn’t have the capacity to pick up on a word being assigned special meaning within the code.


Thanks for the reply! Yeah, i though so too, but i did a project some months ago, and i defined a struct and using typedef, i got it to be highlighted… Here’s proof:

I really fdon’t know how i got it to work in that time, but i was super happy!


Make sure the language in the lower-right-hand corner is C++ and not C. To change it, use the Ctrl+Shift+L keybinding or click on the language.