Getting the node Version produces "2.3.1"


Hey there everyone! I am having an issue with running a bit of code. One of my modules checks the running node version using process.versions['node']. Without electron this runs fine and produces “0.12.2”, however when running in electron it produces “2.3.1”.

It is causing my application to crash so I was curious if there was a simple fix that I could implement without making a pull request to the module repository as it seems more like a bug rather then an issue they would need to implement.

So my question is, is there a way to set the node version, or is there another way around this issue?

The line of code in the module can be found here:


It’s the io.js version, since Electron ships with that instead of node.


You can either install io.js 2.3.1 and use that to install native modules into your electron app or use electron-rebuild to build modules against the same version of io.js that electron uses.