Getting the correct version of Widevinecdmadapter plugin for PC/Mac


I use electron for Protected content playback using Widevine and just wondering if there is any easy way to grab a correct version of widevinecdmadapter plugin that matches the version of Chromium that electron uses. It looks like unmatched version of widevinecdmadapter plugin could result playback/decryption failure, and I would that if there is any appropriate channel to grab a copy of the plugin.


Electrons using Widevine cdm doc covers this. It also confirms that you need to use the same Major version of the plugin as used by Chrome.

Currently Electron is shipping 47 but the stable version of Chrome is 48, this means there’s no easily accessible version of the plugin unless Chrome has cached an older version on your machine.

Google don’t make the full binaries available as downloads. They use the component updater to apply deltas to the plugin as shipped with the Chrome download.

There’s an Electron widevine test project which has some of the plugins archived. See this branch for more versions (inc. 47).