Getting started with Electrion


Hi, I created an issue over here:

Can someone help me getting this very basic app running? I’d like to learn how to use Electron, but already the most basic project fails : (


So you said you assume that it installed the prebuilt.

Did you do npm install electron or npm install electron-prebuilt?


I added the prebuild dependency in the package.json, after I saw that in the code of the example project, which one can clone from github. Then I ran npm install && npm start. This is when I think npm installed the electron the first time. I don’t know if it reinstalls it later, if you enter things like npm install electron or again npm install. However, a electron --version prints: v0.37.8 which is the same version number as in the package.json.


The electron package on NPM has nothing to with Electron, so the quick-start wouldn’t have installed it. @caffiend was asking just in case you installed it yourself, since this is a very common error that new people make.


Well would it choose the right one if I issued npm install && npm start even if the electron package was installed? I know I tried a few things before posting, so maybe it always takes the wrong one?

(What is the electron package then?)