Getting Silverlight to work

I am trying to build an Electron application for a website that uses Microsoft Silverlight.
I have already managed to build an Electron application using electron-prebuilt with version 0.31.2 (the last version with Chromium 44) and lower and have set the enable NPAPI flag using app.commandLine.appendSwitch (trying both ‘–enable-npapi’ and ‘enable-npapi’ as arguments) and setting the plugins to true under webPreferences in the BrowserWindow creation, however Silverlight websites are still not working.
For reference I am building the application to try to run either or and neither of these work.
If anyone has had any experience/success getting a Silverlight website to work with Electron, I’d appreciate any tips or advice for how to get it working!

I would guess that you might find this in Visual Studio Code …

That does not help because it is not a matter of editing the Silverlight application, but actually getting Silverlight to work in Electron that is my problem.
In addition, I do not have access to the actual website that I will be using in my Electron application, so even if this would solve my problem, I cannot edit the Silverlight code.
Thank you for trying though!