Getting packages to show in atom


how dose one get packages to show in atom such as when I download something how would I get it to show in atom like for instance the play button for running code I already downloaded it but I don’t see the actualt button in atom anywhere? need help please. I tried to make this as short as I could thanks again.


Packages show up automatically when you install them inside Atom or via apm.

I’m unaware of any package that creates a Play button. If you post the exact name, or a link to the package’s page on this site, I can be more helpful.

I tried to make this as short as I could

That’s not always a positive. For example, right now we need considerably more information from you about which packages you’ve tried. If you provide more information about your goals regarding your workflow in Atom, we can potentially offer proactive advice, but the shorter a post is, the less we have to work with.


I apologize. umm ive installed something called run 0.0.1 and its should have a play button for atom like in the view port and I don’t see it I did install it any ideas?


it was actually in a youtube video here the link. you will know exzactly what im talkin about and ishould get my answer.


I’ve scanned through that video and see no point at which the instructor downloads run. If you look at the run repository, you’ll see that not only has it not been updated for three years, but the main file has no functional code at all. There’s no possible way that it could create a button in Atom.

Why not try love-ide, like the video suggests?


the love ide was the button thing I was tryin figure out thanks a lot your post helped!!