Getting function info in Atom for Python


Here’s a snapshot of VS Code, while I did a simple code. In this code, editor shows the function info and the parameters sequence which is very much helpful. How can I get such utility in Atom for Python coding?


Check out the autocomplete-python package.


somehow that’s not working in my atom. i’m using ubuntu 18.04.


You may need to run pip install jedi.


jedi installed properly but still get no suggestion :tired_face:

is it necessary to install any jedi package in atom?


That would be terrible. No, Atom uses the default Python installation on your computer. If everything is in place, I don’t know how to troubleshoot it.


Is there something like: I’ve to enable autocomplete-plus??


Is it disabled?


I kept that disables because it showed some deprecation message…
Now everything works nicely except the deprecation message :grinning: :disappointed_relieved:


What deprecation message?


@hpdipto: You piqued my interest…
(sorry for diverting to offtopic)

Why do you choose to use Atom if vsCode effortlessly gives you what you need?
(MS pushed money and resources into the Python add-on used by vsCode)
On topic - it would be most helpful if you give full informations to empower @DamnedScholar to help you to the fullest.



Honestly speaking, I’ll fully switched to VS code but still there’s something that I don’t like.
But I’ll remain in Atom if… Atom become faster and auto complete like VS code is available here.


Why not just uninstall the version of autocomplete-plus that you have installed in .atom/packages/, according to that message? If you delete the folder .atom/packages/autocomplete-plus/, Atom will use the built-in package and not give you a deprecation message.


Thanks :grinning:


No problem. :slight_smile: