Getting error logs from atom-shell


I am writing an app using atom-shell, so I have created a directory containing my package.json and main.js, but I can’t seem to get atom-shell run it, it always complains about not recognizing it as an app. Is there a way to have atom-shell output a more meaningful error log instead of showing a message box telling me to see the docs?
This is what I am running (on Cygwin) – my app resides in ~/Conductor/

$ ./atom-shell/atom.exe Conductor/

Are there any flags I can pass to atom-shell to make it output some error messages?
Thank you!


If atom is not recognizing your app, then it means that Your app is throwing some errors at the top level, catch them and console.log them :wink:


Well I got atomshell to recognize the app (don’t know how…), anyway it wasn’t executing any code, so a help message would nave been helpful, something like “no such directory” or anything like that…