So I downloaded the latest release from here: … now how do I get the I have done this before with atom-shell v.0.20.6, but now it’s just not coming to me…

For more info on what I’m talking about, somehow, I downloaded the 0.20.6 release and got the file so that I could start my app like: ./atom-shell/ ./

My goal is to make sure everything is working with the newest release and then package the app, which I will probably have more questions for that :wink:

I appreciate any help possible, I know this is a very noobie question.



I suspect the easiest way is to download a binary using one of the approaches here:

I downloaded the, unzipped it and inside there was an


Hmmmm, I downloaded the zip as well and this is what is inside:

I don’t see the… .and that’s what confuses me because I’ve done this before with atom-shell and like you said the was inside.


You downloaded the one that ends with You want the next one down :grinning: Native applications (or at least C/C++ compilers) often package debug symbols as a separate file or set of files like what you’re seeing.


Thank you!