Getting command name from command palette?


Forgive the noob question but how do I get the command name from the command palette so I can add another binding for it to the keymap?
Currently I’m using the keybinding resolver but this only works for commands that already have keybindings.


You can open the console (View > Developer > Toggle Developer Tools) and paste the following command to get all registered commands:


Usually the format is the slug of the package name, followed by a colon and the slug of the command name. For example, the command for Settings View: Show Keybindings is settings-view:show-keybindings.


When translating from the Command Palette to a keybinding, everything is lower case with dashes instead of spaces.


Just for the record: command names can contain uppercase letters. It’s probably not so common, but it can be used for better readability of acronyms (e.g. Json vs JSON). I always wished that Atom would solve this better.


Good to know.