Getting a blank newline


Hi All,

Whenever a saving from Atom editor I’am getting a blank newline in the file, I need to avoid this.Can anyone has a solution fo this.




Do you mean that each time you save there is a newline inserted at the end of the file? There is an option for this in the whitespace package settings called Ensure Single Trailing Newline


Hi ,

Thanks for responding.
Yes I meant a newline is being inserted to the end whenever I’am saving a file, I need to avoid this, I tried **Packages > whitespace>Remove Trailing Whitespaces** But I didn’t get the option "Ensure Single Trailing Newline . Please suggest how can I get that option too.




From the Settings View, navigate to the Packages tab, locate the whitespace package and click the Settings button. Here you will find the settings for the whitespace package.


Thank you so much it worked, Previously I was trying whitespaces, from the editor window directly that’s why I didn’t see this option to Ensure Sinlge Trailing Newline.