Get a code signing certificate

687474703a2f2f736e6170732e616c6963616e632e636f6d2f323031352d31322d31345f3135313131342e706e67 687474703a2f2f736e6170732e616c6963616e632e636f6d2f323031352d31322d31345f3135313133372e706e67 I am developing an application in Electron, but the following problem occurs in the installation, how to solve? I imagine I need to sign my executable, if so, how to proceed? Note: some anti-virus block my installer tbm

Yes you need to buy a code signing certificate (note that it’s a process that takes some time, you’ll have to jump through some hoops to prove your identity). I bought mine from and you can Google to find tons of other vendors. Once you have your certificate you’ll need to sign your files (the installer executable, your main electron app executable, any supporting exes). The method to codesign varies depending on your build process. Many installer creators and specifically Electron packagers (like electron-builder) have a built-in method to add code signing to the installer creation process. Or you can codesign manually using Microsoft’s command line tools or ksoftware’s handy free gui codesigning tool ksign.