German Characters not working


i wondering if its possible to get Atom working whit German Special Characters like “ö ä ü”. I can use them normally by writing new scripts, but when i open a script including them, atom i just showing me ����� instead of the special character. it would be nice if someone has a solution for that.


I think this has to do with your installed glyph set, as german ä, ö, and ü all work in my editor. What is your version of atom?


hello, thanks for the input. All other editors are working fine whit the same files (notepad++, ultraedit, notepad,eclipse…) but when i open one in atom, i just get the ? on all german special characters like Ä Ö Ü ß.


Do other editors work with the characters?


The saga of the Alt-Gr key.

Have a look at this open issue, which is all about international keyboards:

And also:


Actually, they’re saying that they don’t have a problem inputting them … just when they open a file that has them in it already, it doesn’t work.

@weissb Can you post an example file to Gist and link it here?


Ah, right. Well then perhaps we’re looking at the encoding problem someone else recently opened again.
What OS, font and encoding are you guys using?


here is a gist of an example file:


its really strange, all old files are not working, i created them mostly whit notepad++. but when i do an new file now, i can open them whit atom and all works fine. i dont have an explanation for that. the files are also working whit any other editor i have, the error is just whit atom :confused:

the gist file seems to be useless, gist also cant handle the characters :frowning:
here is a zippyshare link to a sample file:


If the file is encoded in Latin-1 or Windows-1252, and if Atom expects to see UTF-8 encoding, then this symptom would happen.

You can hit Ctrl-Shift-U and select the right encoding.

Does this help?


If this is what the text is supposed to look like (or at least ignoring the line spacing):

Then @kgrossjo is correct. The files are encoded as Windows-1252.


thanks alot for the help, works like a charm now :slight_smile: