Gentoo Linux unofficial atom ebuild on its way


Hi there !

I start working on a Gentoo ebuild for atom.

It’s in it early stage of development, I need to (re)fix script wrapper to work properly, and apply license restriction.

You can follow up my progress here :

Feel free to comment, contribute.

Installing Atom on Gentoo
Unable to build atom starting from v0.120 on Gentoo
Atom version not properly displayed

The gentoo ebuild pull request has been merged-back to my master.

Feel free to test the ebuild from my overlay but please remember that it’s a live ebuild and every update on master code of atom/atom or atom/atom-shell can break the build.

I will try to provide an ebuild for the latest release (0.94.0).

You can follow the issues here:

I would like to thank @CrazyCrab for his early testing.