Generate coffeescript package



I’m trying to create my first atom package. I’m new to both javascript and coffeescript, but I’ve manage to create some cofeescript running code by modifying a previous package.
Now I want to create a new coffeescript package and I’m following the documentation and I’m using the package-generator. When I run it instead of getting a cofeescript package I get a javascript package. Maybe it is not such a big difference, but for somebody trying to create its first package is quite confusing. Am I doing something wrong? Is the documentation up to date? Is javascript now the prefered language?
I’ve looked at the package-generator code in github and it looks like the syntax for the package can be changed, but I don’t know how.
I guess I have to run something like:

package-generator:generate-package --package /home/Users/jose/.atom/packages/markdown-folding --syntax coffeescript
But I don’t know how to do it.

Jose Blanca


Go into the settings for the package-generator package:


Oh, thanks I didn’t think about that.
Finally, I was able to create a working package, so thanks again.
Atom is a fine editor and the infrastructure to hack it, although somewhat complex, is nice and powerful.
Thanks again for you help.

Jose Blanca


I was hoping we’d be forced to use coffee script by default, it seems really strange that JavaScript would be the default. It doesn’t fit with the general idea of atom. All of the packages I’ve looked at the code for are CoffeeScript. Bug? Feature?


Both work just fine and there’s no fundamental difference between JS packages and CS packages?


Coffee is interpreted from JavaScript so it should be fine. Found the feature issue