General-purpose Color Scheme Editor


I would like to mention a personal project that might be of interest here:

This is a general-purpose color scheme editor. By general-purpose I mean that it isn’t limited to a particular editor format.

I’ve started the project because I couldn’t find anything remotely close to what I needed.

Currently, only flat formats are imported. A Vim color scheme, for example, isn’t flat: it requires a Vimscript interpreter and might contain several variants (dark, light, etc.). I do provide, however, a script to flatten a .vim file (it requires vim & gvim). I therefore indirectly support Vim color schemes.

I considered adding support for atom themes but the format is, unfortunately, non-flat.

My point of view is that, instead of using non-flat formats and templates, we should use powerful theme editors that permit the manual fine tuning involved in making a good theme.


Yes, I think powerful visual editors rather than arcane text rules are a good thing. But for me one of the most exciting things about Atom being based on web technologies is the potential for innovation over and above the standard “color scheme” system. Also, it appears that the editor you’re suggesting is only for the syntax highlighting and doesn’t address the rest of the UI … which is also a focus of the theming system in Atom. I suspect that any “flat-only” system is going to be an oversimplification and not support the full potential that Atom has to offer.