GDB+ATOM for Fortran


Dear Atom Team & User,

I would like to ask a qustion:

how can use GDB for debugger of f77 in atom? I have really no idea about debugger in atom (F77)…

I hope that I can get a tutorial about this topic…

Warm regards,


I don’t know anything about FORTRAN, but there’s an ide-fortran package that offers a variety of features. And here’s a package that integrates with GDB.


Thanks very much!

When I install ide-fortran, It produces very high cup use-ratio (more than 100%) in my pc. peerhaps it’s some bugs in this plugin



I don’t have any familiarity with ide-fortran or the language server implementation for FORTRAN, so I can’t troubleshoot that. Maybe someone who knows more about FORTRAN will know if the language server is particularly resource intensive or misfiring.