Fuzzy Syntax auto compelete


Hi guys, not really sure how to descirbe this. but one of the things I like in other editors (ie sublime) is that when I work with css/sass I can type things like “bgi” and the edtior auto-complete it to “background-image”. is there anything like that for Atom?


You can use the language-css-plus package, which includes quite a few of these as snippets. You can also define your own snippets if there’s any others you want.


To define your own you can paste something like this into your snippets.cson (File -> Open Your Snippets):

  'Background Image':
    'prefix': 'bgi'
    'body': 'background-image $1'

You can also make more complex snippets by including linebreaks (\n), tabs (\t) etc in the body. Using the $ and incrementing it you can control where in the snippet you can tab to. Illustrative example (probably not a very useful snippet in practise):

  'Margin and Padding':
    'prefix': 'marpad'
    'body': 'padding: $1px;\nmargin: $2px;\n$3'