Fuzzy search to list open files first


This is a feature I sorely miss from Sublime - The ability to quickly go through your open files when you hit cmd+t or cmd+p.

As of this moment Atom just lists all the files alphabetically, and you have no concept of which files are actually open.

I’d expect to see the most recently edited (or last tabbed out tab) at the top of the fuzzy search, and then descending in order of editing to the last open tab.

It makes sense to do this, as nobody actually physically scrolls down the fuzzy search alphabetically to find a file.


cmd-b lets you fuzzy search through open files. And cmd-shift-B lets you search through files that are modified or untracked according to Git. If you look at the Fuzzy Finder package, you’ll see the list of all the commands.


You’re right, I missed that. However I would rather they were both integrated in one command than having them separately. It’s another process to add to something that already works