Fuzzy-finder switches focus when re-opening an existing file



I was wondering if someone knows how to modify this behavior. In a situation where I have two panes:

1: a.txt, b.txt
2: c.txt

I then focus on pane 2, and use the fuzzy-finder to try to open a.txt on that pane. When I select a.txt, instead of opening a.txt in pane 2, it instead refocuses on pane 1, and switches the tab to a.txt.

Is it possible to change this behavior? Thanks!


If I understand you correctly, Atom seem to be behaving the way you want? I tried with Atom 1.21.2 on macOS 10.12.6 and Atom 1.21.1 on Windows 10. In both cases, if I click to focus pane 2, a.txt is opened in pane 2. If I focus pane 1, the a.txt tab is focused.

What operating system and Atom version (atom -v) are you running?


Hi reese,

I’m using Atom 1.25.0 now, and I can reproduce this with both OSX and Linux builds (switch between the two daily).

I’ll try to record a video to describe it a bit better. It sounds like for you it’s working as intended. In my case, it refocuses back on the old tab with the a.txt already open.