Fuzzy finder not working


When I press ctrl-p to trigger the fuzzy finder, I get a little text under the search box that says “Project is empty”. This only happens in one of my projects, the rest work properly…



Stab in the dark: I think the fuzzy finder ignores the files that are ignored by git. Perhaps .gitignore ignores all files?


Good guess, but nope…


I’m suffering from the same problem. Nothing has changed with my .gitignore between now and Friday last week.
What has changed is that I rebooted my laptop.

However, I’ve seen this happen before, unrelated to restarting the computer.


Another stab in the dark: If you quit all Atom windows, then go to that project directory, and do atom --safe . – does that make fuzzy finder work again?


I’m not using a laptop, and I restart my computer everyday, so I cannot give any hints there.

I tried using --safe flag, but I got the same behavior…


Another stab in the dark: Atom stores some metadata about projects outside the project directory. It could be that on Windows its in %APPDATA%\Atom, but I’m not sure. Perhaps nuking that helps?

Of course, I would quit Atom, then rename that folder for safe keeping, then start Atom. If Atom misbehaves, then putting the safely kept folder back should cure it. (crosses fingers)


Does it work if you delete (or rename, if you want a backup) the ~/.atom/storage/ directory.


Same behavior, after renaming .atom and restarting…

@kgrossjo Any idea where that folder might be located in Linux?


Atom stores metadata about projects inn ~/.atom/storage/ on all platforms


I can confidently reproduce this now. The problem lies with projects that are symlinks.

I have ~/socorro --> ~/dev/MOZILLA/SOCORRO/socorro as a symlink.
If I do cd ~/socorro; atom the fuzzyfinder says "Project is empty"
If I do cd ~/dev/MOZILLA/SOCORRO/socorro; atom the fuzzy finder works again.


Please file a bug on https://github.com/atom/fuzzy-finder if one doesn’t already exist :grinning:


Done. https://github.com/atom/fuzzy-finder/issues/87


Yes, man, I also have a symlink situation :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks!