Fuzzy Finder - Disabling Reindex on Window Switch


It appears as though the Fuzzy Finder is reindexing the entire project on window focus. I’ve tested this in regular and safe mode. This tends to be an issue when I’m testing out in a terminal or a browser and switching back.

Is there a way to disable this so indexing only occurs at startup and when a file/directory is added/removed?


I don’t believe there’s any configuration settings that will allow you to do this.

See this issue for more discussion though:

There’s mention later in the thread about a fork of fuzzy finder that might try to address this behavior but I haven’t tried it and don’t know the state of the project:



Glad to see this is already here and people are working on it.

I would argue this is on of the biggest barriers to adoption and a big source of some of the complaints around performance in atom but that is just my opinion. Go to anything is a big claim to fame for some editors and the snappy performance of the tool is part of what makes it so valuable.

With “other” editors indexing is done on multiple background threads and the re-indexer is incredibly smart about how it goes about detecting changes to the directory and determining what to re-index.

If I open atom on a C# project of any reasonable size I can expect long delays due to re-indexing every time I test my application and switch back to make a tweak. I have to admit while I am not the worst programmer in the world I do find the source of some of atom packages quick difficult to grok as they are so heavily laden with nested co-routines.

A silly platform specific thought and one I have been considering.
Has anyone considered building a fuzzy search replacement around void tools everything search for windows? The results would make file discovery incredibly fast and rely on an indexer that is tuned to the platform?