Future of project-viewer


Hi guys,

I would like to ask the community if you think that i should continue the work on this project-viewer package.
Been making a really deep refactor on it and due to little time i have it’s coming slow, also I just found out about project-plus.
This other package is hitting points more faster that my own in shorter time.

So, shall I continue to work on it or just kill it?

Thanks for you feedback


For the lazy, like me:

I don’t think I would use either packages, they are not for me. However, if you feel you are both moving in the same direction, team up. If you want to accomplish something else, continue your development in your own time or see if someone can take over.


I have a number of packages in this state. When I want to divorce a package I deprecate it by putting a big notice at the top of the README and leaving it published. If there is a replacement I point to it in the README.

I base this decision on whether I use it myself. Try the other and see if you like it more. And as @dsandstrom said, contribute features you want to the other if necessary.


Hey, maintainer of project plus here. If you’d like I’d definitely be open to adding the features of project viewer into project plus. Open an issue over there and we can chat about it.

Great package by the way. A sidebar of projects is a nice idea.


I have experience with bought packages, first with project-viewer now with project-plus I think we should get benefits of both

  • fast and cool project switching from project-viewer
  • Ability to visualize projects from project-viewer for instance give project a name etc.


Hey again,

Replying to @dsandstrom:
Thanks for adding the links… really lame of me not to :stuck_out_tongue:
I think we are going in the same direction indeed

Replying to @mark_hahn:
Thanks for sharing about package deprecation. Will keep in mind if none of @dsandstrom works out…

Replying to @mehcode:
I will be giving a little more on PV because I am using a different approach on the workflow and all. From what I have seen from your excelent work (mainly on making it use new stuff from the beta channel), we are heading the same path, but I don’t use Coffescript (doesn’t feel right for me and also I am avoiding class and OOPish keywords and stuff like that).
I guess bottom line, we are on the same boat but acomplishing it in different matters.
Let’s see!

Replying to @shemerey:
There are so many cool stuff that can be implemented and surely outsiders are the ones that can contribute to new ideas.


Just wanted to point out that coffee script is just there because apm init made it so. I’m lazy and would rather code in coffee script than convert it. If you’d like to convert it I’ll merge the PR.


I totally agree. Project-viewer has some (minor) issues, but I really like the visual aspect of it. Which is why I discarded project-plus in the first place.