Function Parameter Setting/Package?


I remember with a code edit I used before Atom it had a feature were when I was typing out a function like…

function myFunction(

It will display the parameter names after so I knew which parameters came when and what they were called. Is there a package or setting to enable this for JavaScript and PHP? And I would like this to work even if the function is not in the same file but is in another file that is opened in another tab inside of Atom.

Any tips will be most appreciated.


The IDE functionality might be something to try?

You have to install the atom-ide-ui package and then for JavaScript and PHP you should install ide-typescript and ide-php.


I tried atom-ide-ui and ide-php out and it doesn’t seem to work. What I am after is when I type out my custom functions it will tell me the paramenter/arguements name.


The PHP language server does that, but, as stated in the ide-php documentation, the package is in development. I don’t write in PHP, so I don’t know anything about the status of the package, but “Signature help” is under its list of features and it’s easy to search the issues to find out more information about the status of that feature. In December, one of the developers posted a screenshot of that feature working. In that case, if you believe that it’s not working for you, you should submit a bug report to the ide-php issues with the information about your computer and anything unique about your Atom setup, plus a visual demonstration (via screenshot or recording) of a situation in which you think the signature help should appear and it doesn’t.

The community at the package’s repo will help you walk through to a point where the package works for you.


It works now for me. I am unsure if a recent update fixes it but I do find Atom needs to warm up so that atom-ide packages can read my opened files and see what functions I have made.