Full Screen Lock

I need to create a screen lock, where the person would only be able to use the computer after entering the login and password.

After entering the login and password, the app is in the windows tray (next to the clock).

If the computer has no activity for X minutes, the screen lock would automatically trigger.


I have a system for school made with PHP and MySQL. The school principal asked if he can do this blocking application, where the student can only use the computer if he enters the password.

Is it possible to do that?

Thank you.

You should use the operating system’s automatic screen lock functionality. Every modern OS can do it.

If that was my intention I would have used … xD

If you have control over the machines, you can use the features that the operating system gives you. You don’t need to write an Electron application to do it, and even if you could, such a program could be used to maliciously lock someone’s computer against their will. What you’re asking for is dangerous and unnecessary.