Full --js-flags support in v0.35.0 (Enable Experimental ECMAScript 6/7 Features, etc)


My pull request went into mainline, which adds proper --js-flags support, this means you can use more harmony features (experimental ECMAScript 6/7) without needing to use any shims.

Since Object.Observe() and Array.Observe() are being removed, it’s nice to be able to enable Proxy() in V8.

So when the new release rolls out, you can use something like:
electron --js-flags="--harmony_proxies" .

Alternatively, you can use this in your package.json, etc:
"scripts": { "start": "electron --js-flags=\"--harmony_proxies\" main.js" }

I’m sure there are many more uses for setting V8 flags before runtime, this just happens to be my current use-case and a prime example of what can be done.

I hope you all appreciate the tip and enjoy the next release. :sweat_smile:

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