Ftp explicit connection


Does anybody knows how to connect via REMOTE-FTP Package using Explicit FTP ?
I’m stuck, please please help me


If the package doesn’t give you an option, it’s probably not built for that.


You should reply, in case you have at least a suggestion, not just for typing and pretend to be collaborating. You dont even know the package otherwise your reply would have been different. The package doesn’t offer any option at all, but to build your own FTP connection thruout a file named .ftpconfig with custom parameters but I dont know the exactly syntax for the explicit FTP connection on TLC/SSL that’s all’. So your reply has been so obvious as useless.


Do you always fight people when they try to help you?


Your wasn’t a help. Wasn’t It ?


Atom is an open-source project with a community package ecosystems. Many of those packages are great and I use a lot of them because they do what I want, but there are flaws even in really well-made packages. These are the products of people working in their free time to create tools that they want to use. So if a package doesn’t support every possible feature of a protocol, that’s a pretty common situation. If you’ve looked at the documentation and config options and see no mention of explicit FTP, then it’s safe to assume that the package isn’t capable of it.


And let me to assume that is a wrong concept and this cut prematurely people’s head long before to try and sort issues out !!!
If I would had listen to you I would change mind and given up but fortunately you definetely wrong, infact there is a paramater to apply and another to change for connecting on SSL/TLS explicit FTP using the same package in the same config file.
There you are: