FTP config files and Pantheon?


One of my projects lives on a Pantheon server. When I connect via FTP using a standalone client like FileZilla, leaving the remote directory field blank automatically takes me to the directory where the code lives (/src/bindings/[a_very_long_random_string). I am using Remote-FTP in Atom, and I am leaving the remote directory field blank in my .ftpconfig file, but that takes me to the top level directory when I connect. I’m not sure how to write my config file to match the behavior of FileZilla.

Are there any Atom + Pantheon users out there who have encountered this issue?


What does your FileZilla configuration look like?


I checked it to see if there was anything to be revealed there. There’s nothing in the entry (i.e. not even an empty string).


Give it a try with a different Atom package (like atom-commander) and see what happens.

I don’t know Pantheon well, but I suspect that the long hash you see is a unique and unchanging identifier for the specific environment, so it should be the same every time until you spin up a new site or change environments. In this case, you would just have to configure a profile for each project.


You’re correct that the long hash is a unique identifier. I just wonder how FileZilla is getting directed to the right place without having to specify the correct environment in advance. Seems like I should be able to duplicate that behavior somewhere in the .ftpconfig file. I have tried a couple of other FTP/SFTP packages with identical results, but not atom-commander. I’ll give it a spin!


An FTP server has full capability to direct connected users wherever it wants. My recollection is that Pantheon’s setup (which is very technically sophisticated and IIRC has some features that are unique even among similar VM hosting services) includes a customized FTP process that’s intended to put the user into the appropriate directory for their project. However, if this is able to be overridden, then maybe the Atom package is requesting to go to /. If behavior is the same across packages, then it might live in the Node package that provides the FTP client.

(For clarity: I have used Pantheon, but it was brief and over a year ago. I have no expertise about their system.)