Frozen interface


When invoking the desktop “Open with Atom” on a particular folder, Atom is now completely freezing. The focused tab is not on a particular large file or anything. Possible causes or tips on debugging?


This is true even for safe mode, though it does not occur on another folder.


How many files are in the folder you’re trying to open? How does Atom behave if you open it without a target and then use File -> Add Project Folder to add the troublesome folder?


30 items directly in the folder, but a whole lot of files in some of the subdirectories.

The problem does not occur when I use Add Project Folder (or when I copied all files to a new directory and opened that directory as the target).

(However, I do see a problem I have sometimes seen before that clicking on a different item in the Tree View will replace the tab rather than open a new tab.)


(Though that latter problem doesn’t occur in safe mode.)


I take it back–it does occur in safe mode.


What are your system specs? Are you noticing an increase in RAM or CPU usage around the time when a freeze happens?


I don’t know why, but now it is no longer attempting to load all of the formerly loaded tabs, so it is working again.


And the issue with replacing content was due to the package single-click-open currently having problems (I always forget that there is that counter-intuitive click once to preview default).


You probably had a very large file in the background, and then when you were copying files to a new directory, you didn’t have any of the pre-existing tabs open.