From Happy to Sad :(



I just got invite. When i saw the invite email i was very very happy but when i landed on Download page my happiness vanished. The current Atom is supported on Mac only, Which is of no use as i am a Linux user.



I have the same feeling.


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Thanks AbeEstrada

I am a developer having experience in C and Python. My primary OS is Fedora. I will be more than happy to help you guys.



I think this was a disastrous communication. I know many developers feel they were kind of lied to as none of the initial buzz mentioned this “detail”.


I also feel the same, for the only location that informed me about this situation is the download page.
I suppose I’ll be waiting until the Linux release.


I feel this decision to solely focus on bug fixing the osx-only beta is a little… wrong…

Continued development on a single platform will only make it more difficult to make it OS-agnostic in the future. Likely, it may even require platform-specific ports. Why not focus on making a cross-platform version first and then chase bugs after? It will result in less work overall not to mention keep the community happy :smile:


For their defence, the missing Linux/Windows version was always mentioned in the FAQ. At least it already was when I signed up for the beta.
However, I wish they had started with the Linux or at least the Windows version to give everybody the chance to try Atom and start package development inside a virtual machine. OS X is the only OS that really locks out all users of different platforms :frowning:


Not to mention the fact that most advanced linux users are used to programs that are not working perfectly out of the box anyways.

They plan to release to sourcecode anyways, I’m 100% sure it would take <1 day for atom to run on linux and roughly 2 weeks to be as bug free as the mac os version if the linux community was able to contribute.

But we will never find out, right?



If you look at the keymaps and source, there are already hooks for both the Windows and Linux versions. So they are developing a cross-platform version. They have chosen to only officially support the Mac version.


If you look at this thread, they already have it building for Linux and probably have for a while. Once again … it is a question of support.

I understand people’s frustrations. I try to be on everyone’s side here. But baseless accusations and whining make that very hard. If people want to tell the Atom team they’re excited about Atom and hope for it to be on their preferred platform ASAP … I support that. If people want to tell the Atom team they are disappointed and frustrated that Atom isn’t yet on their preferred platform … I support that too. Making assumptions about the motivations of the Atom team or turning this topic into a “my OS/community is better than your OS/community” flame war is going to get this topic and any other like it in the future locked … removing from the table a place for good people to vent their frustrations.

Consider this a warning.


Well, if that’s the case then all good :slight_smile: the response they give made me think they weren’t actively developing for those platforms just yet though


You can install Atom on Ubuntu, I’m using that on one of my Ubuntu VMs. :octopus:


Yes, things have changed significantly in the past year. Atom is available on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD now in addition to Mac. Atom doesn’t even require an invite!

Closing this as resolved.

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