Fresh install "Atom-Runner" v2.7.1 on W10, Ruby v2.3.3 to run Ruby Scripts however, it keeps telling me exited with code 1 "no file/dir exists"


The key difference is if I go to the cli, I can run the same script at the same dir. It just doesn’t work on Atom runner.

I’ve also checked for my user environment variables and /Ruby 2.3.3/bin is in my path.

Pls Help Thanks,


Mind posting a screenshot of your Atom window with the file open that you’re trying to run and the error message?


Hey @DamnedScholar,
Thank you for responding.
Apologies for not attaching any screenshots, very rookie of me.

Please find attached screenshots on both Environment variables, Running the same file on Atom Runner & my Command line.

Hope that helps.
As I said, I’m running on the following environment:

  1. OS - Windows 10, v1803 (Build 17134.345)
  2. Atom - v1.31.2
  3. Ruby - v2.3.3.

Let me know if you need anything else.



Due to rookie level. I can only attach one screenshot. so follow up thread with screenshots.


My Environment variables (Thought it might be useful)


Take a close look at the error message. It doesn’t have the right directory at all. It’s looking for C:/Users/Ngethe/ instead of C:/Users/Ng'ethe/. This means that atom-runner isn’t correctly handling the URL so that it passes on correctly. You could try script or process-palette, or if you have a D: drive you could keep your code on there.


@DamnedScholar - I can’t thank you enough.

I migrated my code to another drive, and it works.


You might also want to only use plain characters when making a username for Windows next time. While it will let you use things like quotation marks, a lot of programs will not handle it correctly. This is a bug in those programs, but not using special characters means you don’t need to worry about it.

Spaces are also a bad idea. I learnt that the annoying way.

(But changing an existing username can have bad consequences, so I wouldn’t do that)


Very true @Aerijo,
But my name has one and I can’t stand it being used without. Thus I can’t promise that I’d use my username without special characters :slight_smile: