Frequently frozen after updated to 1.17


The whole editor froze, while other softwares works fine. Never happened before updating.

other info:

  • no huge file opened
  • full screen mode
  • ubuntu 16.04 x64 intel 3230M 8G RAM SSD
  • normal CPU rate while frozen


I have the same issue here, on MacOS Sierra on a MBP 2017.
I am trying to investigate if this is caused by a package not ready for 1.17 but no luck so far.
The editor hangs in dev mode as well.

So I guess I have to disable everything, and enable packages one by one until I find the one that makes it crash.


@gaomeng1900 I managed to fix the issue by deleting my .atom directory and reinstalling my packages.

I hope this helps you!


I’m having this same issue. I did a complete reinstall and even restarted. I don’t know what else to do at this point. v1.18.0 on Mac Sierra 10.12.15

I completely removed v.1.18.0 and rolled back to v.1.17.0 and it appears to have rectified the issue.

Using Node 7.1.0


Hi Phillip,
do you mind pasting the list of packages you are using? I did run in the same problem again, and this time it came from a misconfigured package (the path of the package’s command was pointing to the executable rather than the directory of the executable).

Maybe this is the same.

Hope this helps


Here you go: