Freezing on "Installed Packages" settings page


I’m just wondering that this does not seem to be an issue for anybody else - but: Is it normal and accepted behaviour that Atom often freezes for quite a long time (minutes) on the “Installed Packages” tab in Settings? At least for me (Windows 7 and Windows 8) this happens a lot.

I didn’t spend too much time to figure out what is going on there because I thought that it is a problem with Atom and will be fixed sooner or later - but no one seems to talk about that.

I’m not working on excessively huge projects and I have a total of roughly 35 installed “Community Packages”.

Any ideas? How can I find out what’s happening?

So far my best guess is that I may have one package that hits the breaks sometimes (but not always) when I visit that tab.

Atom hangs during Plugin installation and loading up

There is an issue open on the repo about this. It’s established in the comments that they mean freezing rather than ‘lagging’, when certain settings views are being used - especially when package operations are running, like installing or updating etc.