Freezes Immediately After Launch


I have been using Atom for about a year now without any problems, but as of today the app freezes immediately after launching and never becomes responsive again. I have tried reinstalling but it has no effect. Anyone have any ideas?


What version? What OS? Did you update anything recently? Do older versions of Atom work?


What happens if you open the command line and type atom --safe?


Version 1.3.0 on Windows 10 (w/ latest updates). I haven’t changed anything significant lately, that I know of. I haven’t had a chance to try an older version yet but I’ll be trying that next.


Looks like the same thing happens.


Assuming that’s a typo and you meant 1.30.0?

In addition to trying an older version of Atom to see if the issue might be specific to 1.30.0, I’d also suggest trying a couple of other debugging suggestions from the debugging guide like temporarily resetting to factory defaults or clearing saved state (note that you’ll lose any unsaved data when clearing saved state).