FreeBSD support


Hi all

I love Atom editor and I am using it to my Windows desktop.

I planning to install FreeBSD or TrueOS on it but I tried numerous times to build latest Atom on FreeBSD 11.01, 12 and TrueOS to my staging/testing VM, without success.

Since on the project home page you are mentioning “cross-platform editing” - which by the way is a bit misslinding statement by listing only Windows/Osx/Linux - I would like to ask you if you have any plans to support my operating system of choice and not to be forced to use Linux in order to use it - which I am not intended to.



I don’t believe that statement is misleading - Atom is cross-platform, and we list exactly the three platforms that it can run on. We do not state that Atom supports FreeBSD.

Unfortunately, Electron currently does not support FreeBSD which means support in Atom is out of the question until that changes. If you are interested in bringing Atom to FreeBSD I would encourage you to look at the issue I linked and see if you can help out with the effort to make Electron work on FreeBSD.