Free or inexpensive text editor software with live preview


I have tried Brackets and Atom but neither seem to work. With Brackets I continue having problems with live preview tool. And with Atom it only previews my HTML and not my CSS (yes I have linked them correctly). I’m just trying to find software that hasn’t live preview for HTML & CSS also JavaScript.


Atom has no ability to preview HTML and CSS built in. It does have community packages that can do the job, but in order to help you, we need to know which package you are trying to use.

(yes I have linked them correctly)

If you went and searched through every thread on this forum asking for help with linking HTML and CSS, I believe you would develop a healthy skepticism about statements like this, just as I have. If you want to demonstrate that you have them linked correctly, you should share a screenshot from within Atom of the HTML file with the tree view expanded to show where the CSS file is related to the HTML file.

I’ve used browser-plus and never had a problem with it. It definitely displays CSS correctly.


That has live preview * typo


I’d be happy to help you, but you have to respond to my questions and suggestions or I can’t do anything for you.


I’m sorry but I was doing some looking around and I just figured out I need to run my code on a browser but I don’t know how to do that.


Running your code in a browser is as easy as opening the HTML file in the browser (if it’s not associated with your browser already, just right-click on it).