FRC support on atom


Hello, I am part of an FRC team this season, is there any FRC support on atom that can be downloaded. eg. I am able to push code to my roborio using atom. For this, I would need to be able to install online packages for atom that are not meant for atom. Is there any way I can achieve this, and ultimately be able to push and build code to the roborio using atom as my primary editor. I would also need to have the wpilib libraries installed so that I can have autocomplete for wpilib.


It might help if I knew what an “FRC team” was :wink:


It is a first robotics team.


I don’t see anything in the package listing for it:

As for the other features, I’m sure all of that is possible if someone were to build the tools for it. I don’t see that anyone has already started down that path though. (But maybe they have and they just haven’t shared it yet.)


The online packages already exist, I just wish to find a way to download it into atom when it is not currently an “atom” package. Here is the website link for instructions when you normally use eclipse so that you have a general idea for it.