Framework to use?


So starting to explore Electron, and I was wondering, do most people use a framework in building Electon apps, such as Angular or using a lib like React, etc?

Does Polymer Work with Electron?

I’ve tried several framework with Electron, such as Angular, React and Polymer. All of them work fine. I highly recommend Polymer with Electron if you only care about the cutting edge HTML5 technique, ES6, Web Components …

Another example is Atom, part of it is writing based on React, and as we known, Atom based on Electron.

I also made a framework to let people easily use Polymer + Electron together:, you can read the source code to learn more :smiley:


Its very interesting if we use Polymer. Usually parts of any desktop applications are components (such as menu, file browser, map, etc) and Polymer provides this abstraction!


Toying with Polymer atm, looks interesting, first time that I am using it.


great question, as im new to electron I was also looking into straight up vanilla ES2015 or a framework like or


Well been playing for a day with Polymer, and it’s pretty cool. I find the documentation a little rough still, most examples I find is for 0.5 but it seems a lot changes in 1.0. However for my needs it seems like a great fit on top of Electron.


If you have a blog, please do document your progress and report your findings. Can be of a lot of help to newbies like me :slight_smile: