Framework generator for Electron?



It would be really cool, if there was a generator that helps setting up the framework for an Electron app.

I imagine you could chose your

  • CSS framework (photokin, bootstrap, foundation, etc…)
  • A web framework (angularjs, vue.js, react, etc.)
  • The programming language (JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, EcmaScript, …)?
  • Do you want to use pug (formerly known as jade)? Or marko?
  • Do you need database support?
  • etc.

It would be great if there was an app or script that could do the work for you, especially setting up the configuration (Gruntfile, Webpack, Babelify, etc.)


@sindresorhus made a list of such things. I’m not sure if any of them meet all your criteria, but some of them surely meet some of what you want.