Frameless window with menubar?


Hello everyone,

On OS-X we can easily remove the titlebar and keep the traffic lights – perfect.
On Windows the only option is to completely remove the frame (frame:false). However, the biggest issue from this is that this will also remove the menubar from Windows rendering the frameless mode useless. All we really want is to put a custom titlebar like it is usual on Windows 10 (like File Explorer). Any idea or workaround?


Show icon menu on Windows

So you want the bar along the top with the title and minimise, close, etc?

Either you can set your MenuBar to null:
or myBrowserWindow.setMenu(null)

Or you could set the autoHideMenuBar option when building your BrowserWindow (if you still want a MenuBar accessible using Alt):

(I assume you’re already using titleBarStyle: 'hidden' on Mac, rather than making it frameless, but if not I’d recommend doing that too)



Well I want to build my custom titlebar however I want to keep the menubar of course :wink: And the only option to get rid of the titlebar is removing the frame (frame: false) however that also removes my menubar… ;(

titleBarStyle:‘hidden’ on mac actually works like a charm…


Oh, so you don’t want the title and buttons, but you do want the menu bar?
Or the combination of both in a single bar?

Have you thought about just implementing some hide/show in your app either by using the alt key (which is default) or something in your UI?

Actually, is it that you want both, but you want to stick tiny icons in the top left of the menubar?


Well, best case I’d like to have something like titleBarStyle: ‘hidden’ on mac (aka not titlebar per-se but keep the control buttons). However I’d already be happy to a) get rid of the titlebar while still keep the menubar. For now I am lost as I can not have the menubar without the pre-made titlebar no matter what as the only option, setting frame: false also removes the windows’ menubar alltogether…


Ah, OK, I think I get what you’re going for. I don’t think there’s a way to do it, and honestly it sounds a little bit mad.

I think the only solution would be to remove the frame and just build your own menu bar.


Yes I’ve feared so ;(