Frameless window on OS X


Earlier I was able to add transparent: true and frame: false to and get a window with absolutely no title bar. Now this results into a slightly different behavior: there’s a file icon floating above tabs, just like in Finder’s title bar.

I assume that it has something to do with Electron shell.

So the question is: how to get rid of this icon?


Ok, I’ve actually managed to roughly break this. Commenting out setRepresentedFilename function body in src/ did help.


Hey! Thanks so much for posting your solution to this. It has been bugging me for days now, and I was about to go file a bug report on Electron. I’m glad you saved me the embarrassment, @naorunaoru.


Just a follow up, with the new versions of Atom I had to comment out line 110 of src/ that looks like this: ipc.send("call-window-method", "setRepresentedFilename", filename)