Fountain: problem with colors


Hi everyone,

I’m using Atom to write scripts with fountain language.

When editing one of my scripts, I saw that it has a problem with the colors of the markup language.

When a character name has special caracthers, like Â, É etc, it interrupts the color synthax. It does not interfere on my script, it’s only a visualization problem. This image exemplify it.

Is this possible to solve?



It looks like you found the language package repository and the existing issue for this /cc

The package maintainers would be the best people to resolve this issue so subscribing there is your best bet to keep up-to-date about the status of the bug.


Package maintainer here. Thanks for adding to the issue on the repository. We can track development through that issue, though the root problem has been Javascript’s limited support for unicode regexes.

Since (I think) the syntax highlighting regexs are processed by Javascript, the only way I could think of to get support for Unicode word characters is to brute-force all the characters into the regex. Does anyone now a more efficient way?


\\w+ should work. Atom uses Oniguruma for language grammars. (See for example


Wliu, sorry for not seeing your message in this thread earlier.

It should be fixed now, both in the grammar and preview pane. The grammar was straightforward using \\p{Lu}, but the preview was a little trickier. I’m using XRegExp for now until I can come up with a lighter solution.

Is there any way to get the grammar’s parsed information to use when generating the preview? Right now there’s a huge overlap in code between the grammar and preview code.